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Christmas Party 2006

Formal Christmas Party

December 23, 2006
Festivites begin at 7pm

6394 S. Centennial Pl.
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

* Your hosts will be providing the main entree.
*Please sign the guestbook with the meal option you would like to bring.
*A star/names by the option means that it has been chosen

Hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Brown

**This will be a black tie event, please dress accordingly**

*Ham (Mercy and Chris)
*Veggie/Soy "Meatballs" in Italian Sauce (Mercy and Chris)

Select a Menu Option to bring:
Option 1: Mashed potatoes and creamed corn
*Option 2: Sweet potatoes and dip
(Julia and Stefano)
Option 3: Cornbread, cranberry sauce, sprite
Option 4: Broccoli&Cheese, Stuffing
*Option 5: Crab Soup and Tossed Salad
(Jamie and Matt)
*Option 6:Pickle/Cheese/Olive plate(with crackers) and Spiked Holiday Punch (sherbet/fruit punch)
Option 7:Pumpkin Pie(whip cream) and Egg Nog
Option 8:Apple Pie(ice cream) and Hot Apple Cider(with Captain)

Name & Guest Name
Menu Option #
Participate in Secret Santa?


* M/M Brown

* M/M DiGregorio

* Jamie and Matt

* Kentucky and ?