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About Me!

Mercy: summed up in a few sentences!

I am a fun-spirited girl, I speak my mind and will tell you like it is. I am independent and would do everything for myself if it was possible. I wear flowers in my hair year round and wish I looked more like Jessica Simpson. My best friend is Julia and she is awesome. Everything that happens to me happens to her. I am a sophomore in the nursing major at Villa Julie College. I drive a red Eclipse (Suzy Red, according to Martin) I work as a waitress at Glory Days Grille, and as a caregiver at an assisted living home. I want the war to end and the troops to come home. I want to please my parents although I never will. Cancun '05 was totally awesome! I like to party,and the club. I discovered that I am very bad at volleyball. I will live on the beach one day and surf every morning. My favorite color is pink and I hate being looked down on because I am a blonde. I hate to study, cannot sit still in lecture, and get distracted in lab, yet I carry a 3.0 in the Nursing major...the hardest major in school. I never wear shoes and am carefree. I love to play in the snow and ski and snowboard. Soccer is my sport. I want things to be fair and my family to stop fighting. I found a cozy apartment with my friend Julia. She and I have been best friends since we worked together at Pizza Hut. After we got past the fact that I thought she was an anorexic bitch..haha now we just laugh about that when we all sit down to eat, because we eat more than guys do.. I want to start a pilates workout class to get toned. I will argue like a lawyer until my point is proven, whether right or wrong. I will bend over backwards for anyone else and put myself last until I get screwed over, then I will get an attitude and let you know how I feel(example- Megan- haha love u girl!). I hate catty girls, and basically only hang out with guys unless the girl is Julie, or Erin, or Kelsey, becase we are drama-free.(love u girls!) I listen to country music, and basically everything else too, and hate watching TV, unless its sex in the city, or friends. I like to watch movies, as long as they hold my attention. I hate working 12 hour days. I get bored easily, but am easily amused. Mangos are my favorite fruit, and smoothies are my fav. food. I date an amazing guy named Chris Brown, I love him. He is over in Iraq fighting in the stupid war. By God's grace he is still alive :). I am waiting for him to come home to me, he will be back in March for 2 weeks and I will treasure every second of those days. Chris and I want two kittens, a black one with green eyes named Onyx, and a white one with blue eyes named Angel. I believe in God and heaven and hell. I pray for chris every day, more like every hour whenever he is in my thoughts. i want him as well as all of our troops to be safe. I am a nursing student at Villa Julie college. My nickname is Moo. or Mercy Medical. I love life and have fun in just living day to day. I ask nuns about their grandchildren. Erin and I love to go out and laugh and have fun. In skills lab we act out every lesson in a skit and are class clowns. I LOVE BEING ME!!!!!

I'm just waiting for my Chris to come home so we can finish our life together, we started something good and it must continue!...I love you baby!